By it’s own definition – the Catholic Church is lacking credibility UPDATE

  Dioceses are posting lists of  abusive priests   along with variations of  ” any priest with a credible allegation has been removed from public ministry. ”   This is to show transparency  and perhaps bring healing.    But credible allegation   is code, scattered in  all official reports from the Church.  It implies  an investigation and consideration

Behind the Times in NWI- Stop the press

Let’s cut to the Chase here in Northwest Indiana- we have issues.  Mainly  a particular  free press which posts innuendos  instead of information.  At a time when property, schools,  and accounts  are shifted about daily  there doesn’t seem to be enough space to cover it all. We value those journalists  who craft articles and series 

Infant Mortality ? Governor Holcomb SB 340 contradicts your Priority

Please veto SB 340.  It violates your own  priorities. The Legislature discussed the  impending  court challenges  to SB 340 -abortion regulations. No-one mentioned  additional challenges for the added section on  new born safety devices in policies. By the way the only  organization to deem them safe is Indiana’s General Assembly. There is a reason these

Latest plans for Gary Schools

The latest plans for the Gary Schools were announced  Friday afternoon. Direct and to the point. Gary’s  Wirt-Emerson set for closure .  New plans for Gary schools include massive layoffs.  Imagine that’s your school.  Anxiety  and images from the  Florida school shooting  are still fresh, But it’s good to be with your classmates, your community. 

Gift of Hospital Chaplaincy

My Dad died when I was 10-I  have few memories of him. Back in the day- that is 1969- there were  few people  who talked about him to this 10 yr old, and certainly not about his work, etc. He was a foreman in US Steel Gary works, and 42 was way too young.  

Happy Anniversary to my wife

Seven years ago  we ended our 18 year engagement , left Indiana to elope to Iowa. Actually our marriage  had been affirmed in a church years before. This wasn’t recognized legally. See, we lived in Indiana. We actually met in Philadelphia in 1989.  We fell  in love later, in 1991. But marriage wasn’t legal.  Mind