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Indiana Legislators about to make their medical opinion the law

SB 340   will be heard on the House floor this afternoon. There is still time to remind/alert Representatives  that the  bill is unethical, damages Safe Haven laws,  and forces physicians to give false medical advice or face charges. And it will be challenged .

What the bill does, is- wait- forgot to add we’ve already given over 5 million to ACLU from last two court battles.

Before a woman   has the hysterectomy,  ( yes , now they’re regulating hysterectomies), the physician needs to follow a list of what the Legislator’s medical advice. The patient   needs to sign off on it and she has to write a “Dear Woman’s Committee- ” letter that she was told  all their advice, including  her assistance checks would’t be cut off if she refused the hysterectomy that she needs. (?) And yessss she  knows she wont have the parts to get pregnant, and  always good when a DOCTOR is forced to tell you how much this will cost.

Now if its an abortion, there are 10 pages of questions to fill out.

Enough sarcasm- the legislation is bullshit. Legislators of  my State convinced the Moratorium Review Board this was an emergency , and their colleagues in the Senate to ignore every health agency’s statement on the dangers of the unregulated  baby box devices. Not only that , but convinced them  to declare   them safe and add this to   Safe Haven law.  THE   BILL AMENDMENT STATES IF THE BOXES FAIL YOU CANT HOLD US LIABLE.  There is a reason  no other state has them.

Our Infant Mortality rate  has remained in top 7 for years… Governor Holcomb in  his State of the State address cited this as  a priority,  Indiana Mortality Review Committee, Dr. Jerome Adams,  the   Department of Children Services, the State Department of Health, 2 years ago stated they would not endorse them.

There is so much more. The Department of Health will have to divert funds from other programs – to do paperwork, That money, plus the millions on lawsuits could be used for disparity in maternal health, accessible reproductive care, and more.

As a Chaplain  I  often minister with  women facing procedures, Nothing is minor. I cant understand how Sen. Liz Brown or Rep, Borders  or   my Senators would pass  this law? Do they not know women have abortions for medical reasons? Why would you mandate physicians to tell her about Safe Haven laws? Adoption? Or give false statements as to when a fetus feels pain? Or remind them they  can carrying to term? You really  have that low an opinion of women that they didn’t think this  through?

As to the hysterectomy?  Most times that is a very emotional decision. Many want to have more children- or they  aren’t ready to  end that possibility.  But  there are health issues- disorders- and for many reasons they need a hysterectomy.  Where is the holiness in mandating  physicians  to remind women – several times- that they’ll be infertile. To remind them of the cost.  And have them write  a letter about it,

Holiness- yes  I know law and religion  are separate,   SB 340  is deliberate cruelty  on Legislators part- but they absolve themselves and have it delivered through the one who took oath to do no harm.


Media must get back to being a profession- not hype i.e Gliniewicz

The media must regain its’ professionalism, and soon. “Clickbait” headlines sensationalize every story, articles are filled with inaccuracies, TV hosts and commentators allow politicians and guests to spew blatant lies, without so much as a raised eyebrow. And in our Social media world, these damaging words are tweeted and shared with wild abandon.

Naive folks see the name of CNN or MSNBC, etc. and assume it is truth or at the very least verified by a few sources.

But what is often reported is not verified. And it is damaging by creating fear and suspicion.

I’m not talking the GOP debate. Look at the tragic death of Fox Lake IL Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz, who was shot and died September 1st. As of this writing, there is no determination of the circumstances on how he was shot- homicide-suicide/accident. None. But the media has plastered and spun such a web of inaccuracies that the truth will be hard to find.

One can always expect exaggeration and distortion on twitter and FB- where everyone and their cat has an account and an opinion. Of bigger concern is the Mainstream media—the professional anchors/reporters/ hosts. They continue to inflame the public with inaccurate headlines- even 2 weeks after the true facts are known.

I’m betting most people don’t know the facts but still think the death of this policeman was the result of an active foot pursuit of 3 men, one of whom shot the officer in cold blood and took his weapon. After all, the FBI and agencies came in for a manhunt for days.

But here are the facts, without the hype. At 7:52 AM Officer Glineiewicz radioed in that he was “checking on two male white, male black, uh, by the equipment south of Honing.”

Dispatch asked if he wanted back up and he responded “negative.”

Three minutes later he radioed in “They took off for the swamp”.

When asked if he wants a second Unit he says :”Yeah, now go ahead and start somebody”

The radio transmission, found here, is hardly the frantic call for backup during an active foot pursuit the media reported.

And for some reason, I will say emotion, the first officers who arrived and then found his body after 8 minutes and sent out false information.

There was this dispatch “ Officer safety man with a gun. Area 128 Honing in Fox Lake. ..107 There is a male white and male black that fled from the scene taking the officer’s side arm and pepper spray”

And that was known to be false within hours. The gun and pepper spray were there, and no other officer has reported seeing any suspects.

The spin was in, the headlines flew, and no-one bothered to check. Even when within days when the radio transmission came public. Listen to the calls and you will hear there was no active foot pursuit , no frantic call for backup. Yes, he was going to follow the suspects he described, and he agreed for backup. There is a huge difference between an active foot pursuit and a call for backup by the officer, and what was radioed here.

Why does this matter? Because the media continues to run with this, and that spawned stories of targeting police, memes galore using photos of murdered black lives at the hands of police, manhunts and theories.

It matters because we used to be able to trust what was reported by media. Major news anchors and networks had credibility. Not only were there reports accurate, but news anchors would not remain silent when their guests or politicians spewed lies.

They need to remain professional, not political, Allowing politicians to yammer on with baseless rumors regarding Planned Parenthood, religious freedom violations, and racism has become common– professionals would challenge blatant lies. Silence is acceptance.

It matters because when media reports erroneous details, or blindly retweets and quotes another source without verification, it creates fear and mistrust and division. The deaths are tragic enough. They do not need to be sensationalized embellished by media hungry for more viewers.