UPDATE! Cull approved- Australian wildlife needs our help- Save flying foxes!

Update– The Humane Society International has begun legal action against Australia and New South Wales for permitting the destruction of habitat for endangered flying foxes. Read more here: 

mama babybat

In this photo a Mama Flying Fox desperately tries to find home and food as Australia begins destroying canopy  of fruit trees. (note- the bats would disperse in a few weeks when flowering ends

Bats get a bad rap.They are not harbingers of disease, but are a necessary (and busy) component of our ecosystem.

I follow  Batzilla the Bat  on Facebook. These wonderful folks rescue and rehabilitate. And educate. They need us now, as their politicians are unbelievably ignorant and supporting exterminating an entire species of endangered bats!

2016-05-21 (1)

In brief, the town of Bateman’s Bay  is enjoying their flowering tree event. Weeks long, it attracts visitors of human and animals.. among them the flying fox. No detriment to humans, these awesome creatures are  Australia’s only nocturnal long distance pollinators and seed dispersers of native forests!  Australia will not survive without this keystone species. (think of the Honeybee crisis).

So.. as election time nears, the  Federal Environmental minister is actually approving culling the species. Lifting the protection. Encouraging folks to kill them off.  These bats- and their protectors- need our help

Local activists are trying desperately to bring more awareness. And it works. Of course what happens to the global ecosystem affects us all. Because- global.

There is a petition on Change.Org,  and as Narooma activists defends bats explains, aside from the dispersal being inhumane, it wont work.

Please. help the bats.

Here is a video of them releasing “Gidgee”.


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