Good news worth repeating or too good to be true? Alliance Steel moving to Gary Indiana

The headlines in  the summer of 2017 were filled with good news about Alliance Steel moving  their IL plant to Gary Indiana. Of course the mayor and community were excited about jobs and boosts to the economy. The Meridian Hospitality Group and Bo Kemp highlighted the approved bid for 6200 Industrial Highway Kemp advising contract might take a few weeks.

Seems that took longer.. but  that would be on the contract and documents.  Good news still.

Then  last week’s  breaking news with virtually same headlines. . The 2018 article by Lauren Cross repeats Alliance’s  proposals and  hoped for benefits. What was new was  the location.  It is now on 5th Avenue.  An earlier article by Cross’s included remarks from Alliance ‘s Andy Gross and Gary Council President  Ron Brewer :

                                                          “We were lucky enough to have found a soon to be vacant, building which was formerly operating a sheet metal operation that was

                                                            conducive to our needs,” Gross said. Brewer said Alliance was smart to jump at the chance to repurpose an already existing facility.”

Lately the city has engaged in a dizzying amount of real estate deals- selling, leasing, dividing, etc. Many of the awarded contracts are then used  in grant proposals , federal programs, and to entice investors . I dont know the details of contracts specific to the land  or Majestic or Carmeuse, or the recourse when the company cannot use the property they won. I am sure the documents and guides are somewhere. The last thing we need for our city is false hope and more debt. I hope this is good news. This time.


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