Infant Mortality ? Governor Holcomb SB 340 contradicts your Priority

Please veto SB 340.  It violates your own  priorities.

The Legislature discussed the  impending  court challenges  to SB 340 -abortion regulations. No-one mentioned  additional challenges for the added section on  new born safety devices in policies.

By the way the only  organization to deem them safe is Indiana’s General Assembly. There is a reason these devices are only in one state.

A handful of Legislators seemed to grasp the danger in codifying their colleagues medical opinion . They are in good company with

  1. Indiana Mortality Review Committee
  2. Dr. Jerome Adams
  3.  Department of Children Services
  4. State Department of Health

The above, and others, stated they would not endorse these, and most  cite their concerns for an unregulated device . 

It seems the authors’ ears perked up when they started hearing the unconstitutionality of the bill.  Alas their hearing was selective as evidenced by this adding  IF THE BOXES FAIL YOU CANT HOLD US LIABLE.  Answer the Clue phone Indiana- there is a reason no other State has them, and many countries outlaw them.

I believed your  State of The State address   regarding Indiana’s health statistics and a need to do better, Governor Holcomb.

But in SB 340 The Department of Health will have to divert funds from other programs – to do paperwork.   The money from implementing unnecessary  forms, and repeated paperwork plus the millions  Indiana will lose on lawsuits could be used for disparity in maternal health, accessible reproductive care, and more.

Speaking of health, as a Chaplain  my priority is how health  events affect spiritual health. There is no minor procedure, all bring a level of anxiety. I cant understand why Senators Liz Brown, Michael Young, or Travis Holdman  would initiate this legislation .Do they not comprehend the choice for abortion is often medical ? Why would you mandate physicians to tell  a woman about Safe Haven laws, and adoption when their pregnancy isn’t viable?  Or to give  false statements as to when a fetus feels pain?  You really  have that low an opinion of women that they didn’t think this  through?

SB 340  is  a deliberately  cruel  action by Legislators part. Oh but remember they absolved themselves as it is the physicians who will violate the oath to do no harm.

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