National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day. wedding 009 how many people see meIm gay. I’m also married , ordained UCC,serve as a hospital Chaplain.I’m an exnun w/Catholic spine and Gary, IN girl. Fiercely protective of individual beliefs and rights-Including Cubs fans. My song is The Impossible Dream and I am forever assessing windmills and advocating for the marginalized- -And most of you know this.

But I do it because in the words of Bob Lawrence “I remember the speech I heard Harvey Milk give, after which I began the process of coming out myself. Harvey basically reminded us that we needed to come out because, until people realize that “we” are their brothers, their sisters, their sons, their daughters, their mothers and fathers…. until people realize that “we” are their letter carriers, their doctors, their teachers, their neighbors and (yes), even their ministers, people will continue to believe the stereotypes rather than the realities. So, “come out, come out, wherever you are!”

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