Faithful presence as IndyPride celebrates 20 years

This weekend Indianapolis will host the twentieth Indy Pride Festival. It has changed drastically over the decades- but there has been one notable and consistent voice- that of the clergy and faith communities. The clergy , faith leaders, churches and temples have participated in Pride, but also met with legislators, testified at the Statehouse, signed

Why the Pope isnt pardoning women who chose abortion

My Catholic spine was rattled when I read the DailyMail headline,” Pope orders all Catholic priests to bestow  a full pardon on women who have had an abortion …” .  For starters, the Pope cannot order his priests to do anything and Holy Mother Church doesn’t pardon. Ok, so the reporter  may not be Catholic

More than Hillary

With the impending announcement of her presidential campaign launch, I cant help but wonder where have all the Democrats gone? This all or nothing mentality- not one other contender- makes me think we have given away the election and our country. At a time when a strong leader is needed, the Democrats have instead relied

A work in progress

If I can stop tweeting and facebooking long enough.. and if my home State of Indiana can quit being batshit crazy for a few hours, maybe I can post all my past blogs and words of wisdom. Until then google Rev. Marie Siroky and see what’s on my heart and mind. Stay tuned.