Please stop HB1337 in Indiana. It is up to the House.

As early as today, HB1337, titled Abortion Matters, will be back for final vote in the Indiana House. Except it is unrecognizable from the bill they voted through weeks ago.

While they sent #HB1337 to Senate Committee, the Senate voted through #SB313 to House Committee. This  bill was more than the descriptor of abortion matters- it covers miscarriages, remains of both miscarriage and abortion,  removes options for families when the fetus is diagnosed with a lethal fetal anomaly , mandates procedures when a fetal anomaly or potential  for one is discovered,  and addresses perinatal hospice.

The House Committee  chose not to hear this SB313.

Yet the  Senate Committee morphed the language of this extremely full and often vague bill into HB1337.   Mind you SB313  -which is now part of HB1337 was already discussed on the Senate Committe and full chamber for hours over a period of days. And on third reading Tuesday it was discussed for an additional hour and a half.

It has moved to  the House for final passage. There will be  no input or testimony on all the new  restrictions on a family or individual ‘s choice regarding the pregnancy  No facts, no testimony from physicians, patients,  medical professionals. The people of Indiana deserve better.

HB 1337 will greatly affect not only those who may choose abortion when their fetus has been diagnosed with a fetal anomaly. It has consequences and  restrictions on miscarriages, on mandating burial or cremation of tissue, and of possible felony charges and loss of medical licenses for the providers.

This bill affects so much more than restrictions of abortion providers. It mandates procedures families must choose from at a most traumatic time – when they discover their fetus has  a disability that may very well result in death  within the first year. It interferes with the Doctor patient relationship- when an MD  suggests testing for their  patient- and with this bill what their patient chooses result in a felony or loss of license for the MD.

Senators Young and Becker,  among others, explained on the floor  the contradictions and absurdity of the bills new language. For example  woman in Indiana has the right to abort a healthy baby, but this law means she does not have the right to abort a fetus because it has a prenatal diagnosis of a severe congenital anomaly.(or any of the other 9 criteria they have spelled out.  This makes no sense!  The bill is a pro birth bill- and even there does not provide the families for the medical bills and services the bill mandates they endure.

By banning abortion for fetal anomaly without adding one cent to offset the enormous amount of care that more babies with fetal anomalies will need, this bill will increase Indiana’s infant mortality and suffering.

The scenarios are tragic and numerous. The House deserves to hear testimony on the morphed bill – from physicians, patients, providers, funeral directors,  and  all those affected. Please vote no on this bill.

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