This clergy stands- and weeps- with Planned Parenthood

I am aware that many of my fellow clergy are preaching  gratitude this Thanksgiving week. I also join with those standing in the streets of Chicago and NWI crying for justice for Laquan McDonald, the Chicago teen murdered and almost covered up by Police and those in authority.

Then today- Planned Parenthood. I stand , proudly, with Planned Parenthood. My heart weeps for those killed, those attacked, and those whose lives are forever changed simply because on Black Friday they chose to take care of their health.

Yet this domestic terrorist attack on the Colorado Planned Parenthood Clinic isn’t about me. Or is it?

Of course it is. Because like all terrorist acts- and this IS a terrorist act – repercussions are felt by us all. Fear is heightened, threats validated, and sadly media and politicians will begin to spin this event to their liking.

This is an act of violence against actual souls and individuals who were simply living their life- going to work- using a day off for a medical appointment- providing care.


I am sure I am not alone in condemning this attack. My prayers are with all of those victims today- and those seeking healthcare tomorrow and the day after. I wait for more of my fellow clergy to publicly cry out about this violence and demand safety for those seeking health care .

And I challenge those politicians who by their incessant verbal attacks on Planned Parenthood , repeating inaccurate and outlandish accusations,  have fostered the level of hate toward Planned Parenthood. I challenge them to stop this vitriol  and admit their culpability. Hell, I challenge them to say anything  about this tragedy that isn’t blaming the victim  or telling them they got what they deserve.

Those in Colorado  deserve better. They deserve compassion, support, and our promise to validate them, not victimize them again.


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