Mourn our fallen police- without officers taunting those they have sworn to protect

A year ago in Indianapolis, Officer Perry Renn was responding to a call when he encountered and subsequently questioned two individuals. This ended with Officer Renn being  mortally wounded. The suspect  was wounded and since has been charged with murder. Officers and others have taken to social media to encourage us not only to remember  Officer Renn, but  that many officers have made the pledge “I will always get out of my car.”

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Strong words. Yet words fueled by an inflammatory quote attributed to a member of the suspect’s family  which insinuated Renn would be alive had he stayed in his car.

Except this quote was from the reporter’s notes, it wasn’t in any of the hours of video footage. (Footage and interview taken, by the way, within 12 hours of the shooting.) And the family has denied this.

It was soundbyte journalism. News director himself agreed it would have been better to actually have footage of the family saying it, rather than the reporter. Ya think?

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Please view the entire background  including the  newscast and  explanation here.  It fueled a movement which is being renewed  again.  Indiana seems to thrive with this. When the Notre Dame women wore  “I can’t breathe” shirts in solidarity with Eric Gardner, a SB police officer created the “Breathe Easy” line. (yes, an entire line).

It is possible to respect and honor the sacrifice police officers make each day. It is becoming common place to intimidate the very folks officers are sworn to protect.



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